A.C.E. Competitions 2015

Perennial Math


     Hello!  I am excited to tell you about a program that I learned about while at this year’s TAG Conference called Perennial Math.  It is an international math competition for grades 3-8 that is made up of challenging math questions that I believe the students would enjoy. 

     There are three divisions of tiered math: Rookie (grades 3-4), Intermediate (grades 5-6), and Advanced (grades 7-8).  All students receive a certificate for participating.  There are additional certificates for students who do exceptionally well throughout the competition and their name will be seen online on the Perennial Math Wall of Fame.  There will be a county winner for each division who will receive a gold medal.  The company gives plaques to teams in the top 10% in each division, and students who are in the top 10% in each division receive Perennial Math Champion dog tags. 

     Perennial Math will be helpful in incorporating more math into the gifted program. Their website can be found at: http://perennialmath.com/